Selfie Fails Where People Really Should Have Checked The Background First

We are all guilty of a selfie every once in a while. But most of the time, they are at least semi-tasteful. These people, on the other hand, forgot to check their background and gives us a hilarious reminder that sometimes doing things for ourselves isn’t always a good thing.

Look to the Future

This dude took a selfie with what he calls his “future self” or who he will be in 20 years. That’s only a little embarrassing and a lot entertaining. I think this one is a win because this dude is hilarious.

That’ll Be Mine

This girl thought she’d take a cute selfie with her ice cream. After all, it is a once in a lifetime experience for McDonald’s ice cream machine to be working. I wonder how long it took her to realize her dog loved her food more than her.

Best She Didn’t See

There are perverts in every corner of the world. This one was caught looking at this girl in a mirror and it’s all on camera now. This is a shameful selfie but who is really the one who should feel bad about it?

Too Young for This

While this young girl is taking a selfie of herself, her Dad in the background is adding an extra vibe we are pretty certain she wasn’t going for.

Stick to the Bedroom

If you’re feeling cute, go ahead and take that selfie. But it’s best if you do so in the safety of your own bedroom and not the bathroom. It never turns out well in the bathroom, especially when you’re on the pot.

There are Three

It’s true, there are three people in this picture. The most obvious is the girl in front of the camera. Then you have the girl in the very back doing who knows what to the wall. And lastly, the boy asleep on the floor…yeah, spooky.

What Did I Tell You?

This mom does not approve of her daughter’s selfies. Especially when she hikes her dress up just so. I have a feeling that seconds later, she had her phone confiscated.

Who’s the star of the photo?

Was this on purpose? We do not know. What we do know is that the effect is the same either way. He took a picture with a horse’s “you know what” in the background.

Party On

These guys were at a party when they found this lone phone without an owner. Turns out, the owner found his phone eventually and posted the pictures of the strange men online.

Caught Me Slippin’

This lady says that her “bae” caught her “slippin” and took this picture. For one, no, no he didn’t. You can see the tablet in the background.

Not Okay

This is not okay. The only thing okay abut this is that these girls caught a perp in the act. Hopefully, they did the right thing and either confronted him or the girl that he was taking a picture of.

I’m Swole, Nana

This isn’t embarrassing unless you don’t hide what happened. Everyone would be fine with you saying your Nana took your pictures after gym. But if you try to hide that fact…that’s where you go wrong.

Hello, Friend

This girl just did herself a disservice. She’s trying to take a cute picture of herself and ended up getting one of her friend who is eating a corndog and chilling on the computer. Who is the real winner here?

Can’t Stop Looking

It’s actually impossible to see this girl in the mess that she is living in. She claims that she got a new dress and just has to go out and wear it. But she really should stay home and clean her house. Yes, that’s a hamster or guinea pig.

Fight Stance, Baby

This is much more embarassing for this dude than it is his girl. She is carrying his child, taking his scrubby pictures, and smiling the entire time! This dude…is trying to be cool like he did this all himself.

Excuse Me, Young Sir

You can tell that this older gentleman is flabbergasted. These young people have no boundaries. Most of us can agree that taking pictures in a public restroom should be off limits.


There’s a really good chance this is a brother in the background. Yes, they are both in the bathroom but it’s her fault for taking a bathroom selfie and not locking the door

Up To Here

This is what Australian police are like. They’ve had enough of your horseplay and this cop isn’t afraid to show it. Perhaps it’s all in good fun though. If only we could all come together like this.


Again with the public restroom? How many times do we have to say enough is enough? This guy actually took a picture of himself while using the urinal. It doesn’t take that long! You can wait!

Another Not So Happy Mom

Another teenage daughter, another disappointed mother. You can tell by the look on her face that this mom isn’t pleased.

Message in a Cannon

This is one time when it isn’t the picture taker’s fault what is going on in the background. But once you see it, you can’t stop staring. Yep, that is a person, perhaps a child, being shoved into a cannon.

Twitter Famous

This Twitter is quite popular as it shows us the craziest selfies you’ll find. This one in particular tells an amazing story of a man who met a squirrel. This squirrel wasn’t too fond of him, needless to say.

Better Than Most

Most bathroom selfies, that is. If you don’t have another person or mirror behind you, then I think it’s a win at this point. Plus, he does look really nice in his suit. And he has a cat!

Everyone Has Them

Can we just stop pretending that we don’t all have a pair of “granny panties” and move on? Thank you! Although I must say that most of us wouldn’t let them be in the background of our hair selfie.

Staged or Raged?

Probably both. This spider may have been fake and it may have been placed tehre by the picture taker. If so, there’s a good chance her sister is no longer speaking to her.

Help Me, Mama

While she’s trying to capture a cute selfie, looks like a little one in the background might be in need of assistance.

He Does Know Her

This one is okay because this couple and their dog climbed a mountain together. At the top, they each took a selfie. Funny enough someone caught both selfies at once! Oh yeah, and that doggo is a handsome young man.

Another Fake Bae

Can you imagine posting that your boyfriend is sweet for trying to sneak naked pictures of you? The mirror in the background suggests otherwise.

29) Could You Leave?

Okay, let’s ignore the bathroom selfie aspect and focus on what matters. The invasion of privacy that this friend has crossed. I mean, either her friend is really struggling or she’s just getting up. Either way, that was almost a mess.

Everyone Likes It

When a happy baby is involved, we can forgive a lot more. Even if it means that we don’t judge this dad for keeping a photo of this dog relieving himself on his daughter’s head.

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